Extend your boat's life with a propertly fitted custom cover

Today we’re talking about custom boat covers. This Fourwinds is about four years old. It was garage kept until recently, but now is stored on a lake dock. The tenting, thanks in part to interior structures, keep the water from pooling on this handmade cover, and will help keep this boat in its best possible condition. All-stainless steel fasteners, a few snaps and high-quality fabric are essential to this project.

At Bob’s Discount Marine Supply in DeLand, we built the interior structure out of sturdy PVC, and it’s fully collapsible and storable. We order covers that are handmade locally for a perfect custom fit.

Extend the life of your boat with a custom cover. Call us today for an estimate and let’s keep your boat in its best condition in and out of the water.

– Captain Ed