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Talon: A Shallow - Water Anchor at work

Boat control is everything, especially in shallow water. That's why Minn Kota has developed the ultimate weapon in the battle for boat positioning: Talon. Talon deploys faster, holds stronger and runs quieter thatn the competition, with an arsenel of features that keep you on the fish all day long.

Your Boat's Electrical System

There are several options for boaters when it comes to lighting up their vessel and surrounding water, and can't-do-without electrical components as well. Here's Capt. Ed Sabatini with more information on boaters' lighting an electrical options.

Selecting a Trolling Motor

There's a lot to consider when selecting a trolling motor for your boat. You may be amazed at the technology available to you, too.

Extend your boat's life with a propertly fitted custom cover

Today we’re talking about custom boat covers. This Fourwinds is about four years old. It was garage kept until recently, but now is stored on a lake dock. The tenting, thanks in part to interior structures, keep the water from pooling on this handmade cover, and will help keep this boat in its best possible condition. All-stainless steel fasteners, a few snaps and high-quality fabric are essential to this project.


Radial vs. Bias Tires on Boat Trailers

Bob’s Discount Marine Supply has had some great customer interest lately in our store’s wheels and tire promotions. The store has had excellent prices on wheels and tires – realmarine saltwater wheels and tires.

Street Gas vs. Your Boat's Engine: Guess Who's Winning

Check out this recent video with Captain Ed Sabatini. He's been working on a 2007 Mercury engine with fuel-related problems: hard-starting, rough-riding and occassionally, stalling.

Boat Propellers: Does yours need some TLC?

Hi friends,

When's the last time you took a look at your boat's propeller? Did you run into something that could have damaged it last time you were out? Is it possibly so worn it doesn't work like it should?